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August 1st–Wednesday is the last day of the Grand Opening Special for Flourishes,LLC. Our first days have been wonderful. It was such a pleasure to see the first thread on SCS regarding customers receiving their packages.I got goosebumps….dreams can come true. As of today I can say with pleasure that all orders as of noon today were shipped out this afternoon. That shipping room is a busy place. I hope that all of you will enjoy your packages as they arrive.

Watch for our banner ad and SCS newsletter ads. Rush over there and take advantage of the 15% discount on the Infuse combo kit.

We are busily working on the final details for the September release. You can count on more detail to come.

Update on my right arm.

The big hard cast is gone! YEAH!…so I am in a sling and started my first exercises as passive, assisted, that means my left arm is helping my right to do them. I can also gradually begin to remove the sling for periods of time each day. Sleeping without the big cast will be wonderful. And the biggest news is that I can begin to use my hand to color! No stamping, punching etc, but Mike, “Manual Labor” is helping me to work on some new things (secret for a little longer) using the Nestabilities. I’m progressing and you will be seeing some pictures, maybe by the weekend.

Visit SCS tomorrow and check out the newsletter ads. And yes if you haven’t placed your order ..to ahead and do so.

Till later..Many “Rubber Hugs” to all.

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