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A Special Veteran Sauleted

This is Veterans Day in America.  It is our day to remember and celebrate the Veterans that have so lovingly defended our freedom as well as freedom around the world.  Today I want to salute one very special veteran –My Mon..Devota F Broussard Pye.  I mean Sgt Dee Broussard (Pye).

  One night without telling their parents my mom and her best friend drove together from lower Louisiana–the bayou country, up to New Orleans to join the military and serve.  And serve they did.  “Aunt Laisie”, as she was know to all of us for all of her life, was mom’s best friend.  These two tiny dynamos (less that 5 feet tall) faked the height test by putting cardboard in their shoes.  It was just one of the stories that they would laugh about when they got together as we grew up.  My mom served as a WAC–the Women’s Army Corps.  She served in the Philippines, New Guinea, and Australia.  She brought home her scrapbooks of her time during the war.  These were the first scrapbooks that I ever saw. As children we were allowed to look but not to touch. Mom would show us the pictures she wanted us to see and as we grew older we saw pictures that portrayed the horrors of war.

  In the mid 1950’s my parents took us on a road trip to Washington DC for a very  special reunion for my mom.  It was the 10th anniversary of her unit’s return to the USA.  I remember the parties and the laughter and the teary moments they all had.  I think it was the last time that they all gathered.  But my mom and many of them remained in contact until they all began to pass on.  At Christmas, Mom always is joyful to hear from one of these old friends and tearful when she receives a note from a child that one of her friends has died.

A few weeks ago, Congressman Jeff Miller from Pensacola organized a Freedom Flight of 100 Pensacola  World War II veterans.  My mom was the only woman aboard the veterans flight.  They were flown to Washington, DC on a specially chartered aircraft.  They were escorted by guardians, each a volunteer, that helped these aging veterans have a trip they will always remember.  The aircraft was staffed with doctors, nurses, and military medics who had just returned from duty in Iraq, and all the  things necessary to support this flight.  The youngest WWII veteran is 81 and the oldest is 96.  My mom is 86 years young. We all helped with mom’s preparations and she was off.  And what a day she had.  All were treated to special visits to the World War II Monument, the Marine Corps Monument, The Vietnam Wall, and a high light for mom, a visit to the Monument for Military Women, plus many other high points of DC. Mom meet Senator Bob Dole, a fellow WWII veteran.  Mom and the oldest male veteran were chosen to lay a wreath at the WWII Memorial   Then they headed home.

And what a homecoming these Veterans received when they arrived home to Pensacola. As they came thru the airport their families were there, dressed in red white and blue, waving flags, carrying flowers, and waving banners and photos. A Navy band began to play patriotic music as the veterans walked, or were pushed in their wheel chairs, through a double corridor of Veterans of Foreign Wars Honor Guard  and proud young service members of all of our country’s branches of service dressed in uniform. Together they   formed an honor guard that spanned the airport.  Each stood at perfect attention and saluted these veterans as they passed by and were meet by their proud families.  And this daughter cried.  I cried out of pride,  I cried out of love,  I cried out of joy.  I cried, –  proud that I am an American.  Proud of the service that so many has given for all of us.

These are some of the picutres of that day….We were caught up in the sheer excitement of the event and often forgot to take photos.  Mom lays wreath with oldest male veteran.  Two of my sisters greeting mom…yes, she reconginzed her picture as a young WAC.  The last photo is four genrations ..all female, meeting mom on her return.

We Remember, We Are Proud, We Are Americans, We are Free, and Freedom is Not Free.  Please take a moment to remember our Veterans.

God Bless America and all of our service members, past and present.  May God be with them and their families!


PS…I want to give special thanks to Congressman Jeff Miller, his wonderful secretary, and everyone that helped make this Freedom Flight a fabulous trip.  It is long overdue that America pays tribute to our service members.  Bravo–Job Well Done–

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JustRite Monogram Blog Candy

JustRite Monogram Blog Candy!

Good news!!! The JustRite folks just launched their new Blog!!!  Congrats to JustRite!!!

And, in celebration, they are offering some FABULOUS BLOG CANDY — would anyone out there like to try to win a JustRite Monogram Stamper and Accessories?????  Check it out at the JustRite Blog — and good luck everyone!!!!  The drawing will be on Monday morning, so you have plenty of time to sign up yet!!!

Flourishes is a very proud to carry this fun and versatile  product line.  Visit their new blog and have a chance at winning your own JustRite Monogramer, now that could make for a good weekend !

This weekend is a great time for us as we take time to remember just why we have this day to celebrate….Freedom is never FREE.

Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend wishes to you all!!!

 PS….In my post yesterday I talked about Eclispe tape and forgot to mention that WE carry in the FLLC webstore!  What was I thinking.


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From The Past–TODAY !

Yesterday I shared this picture from the past and told you that I would be back tonight to share the how-to.

So a look a Yesterday-From the Past

From The Atelier

Now Today–A creation or Recreation!

Well, not being one to make the same thing twice I CASED myself…keeping the elements, coloring mediums, basic card stocks , ribbons and similar flowers.  What I changed were the actual stamps, this time substituting a single flower from SU–Natural Beauty, I think.

So How did you do that you ask…

  **** After decided on the image I began the work of masking and stamping.  The masking is an important step, allowing me to push some images to the back and some forward, so to speak.

***Masking–I used Eclispe Tape and stamped the daisy image four times.  Then cutting my white card stock to 4 1/4 ” , I stamped my tallest flower.  At this point I have not used my mask that I have stamped and cut from the Eclispe tape, simply the first three flowers.

Now I will begin to cover the flowers and stems that I have already stamped with the mask.  By doing so, I will protect the images from being over stamped and giving us the illusion that one of the flowers is forward and one flower behind as seen in the next photo.


If you look closely I have followed the arrangement of the flowers in the first card.  However the image that I am using today is a much larger image, therefore I had to reduce the number of flowers.  In Yesterday’s card the image had 15 flowers.  The human eve is most comfortable seeing things in sequences of threes…so I choose to use nine flowers for the card today.

So What colors did I use ???   

****  Now came the fun time of selecting the colors…and again staying true to my first colors I chose to use the flowers in the exact same hues and using the Prisma colored pencils that I had used in the first.  So here is what my color selection is for the card.

These colors were then colored in lightly on the outline of the images somewhat following the lines of the flowers in the first card. This can be seen here:

As you can see I have outlined each of the flowers in the colors that I intend the flowers to be.  I do this so as I work I won’t get confused and get the wrong color on the wrong image…for me it a plan I stick too …if you look closely on the two lowest flowers in the bottom middle and the row up on the right I had already made a mistake.. Oh how I hate to do that when I am really on my way to a finished project. 

****The Fun–the coloring.  For me I find that it is best if I work in one family at the time.  This time I chose the brighest red and very lightly used small overlapping circles to color in my first flower, and then the second red flower.  The next trick up my sleeve is that I then use a color that is a close neighbor to the first color used and then color in over the red and in this case it was a shade of orange.  Both of these will be my primary coloring I will get to finish the details after all of the flowers are colored.  As you can see from the next photo,  I have laid in more colors…this piece is begining to come alive, don’t you think?

You may notice that in the above photo I have yesterday’s card next to the image I am working on.  This is something that I find helpful when working on these kinds of projects…..I don;t want to stray from the point and confuse you too much.  I will follow the same  rules about coloring each of the flowers using the orange and overlaping it with yellow, then on the yellow flowers using yellow and overlapping with the orange…now this is something that takes a little practice but I find it well worth the time.

You may have also noticed that I have lightly added some color to the stems..this again is to keep my  images in prospective, some appearing in the foreground and some behind.

*** In this next photo you will see that I have colored all of the flowers.  The white ones are colored…yes colored because I used a soft grey to give them some definition and allow them to pop if you will. 

The black background for this card was colored in using my black Copic marker which I did not have for the first card.  It was very much easier and gave a nice smooth and dark background.  With this step done I needed to progress to making my card base.

****For the card base I use SU basic black, then a sheet of green BG paper and a black and white similar to the first card, but I choose a slightly larger scale design to give the bottom of the card more presence.  I cut strips of black and red card stock to add the black line at the mid point and the red line to anchor the entire image at the very bottom of the card.

The next was easy, after attaching all of the cardstock to the base it was time to emblish with my ribbons, green and a black and white sheer, both available from FLLC webstore.

So are you ready to see both Yesterday and Today together?  Good because I am more that ready to share them with you.


I hope you have enjoyed today’s visit.  I appreciate you stopping in.

So from the Atelier.

Ciao from the Atelier today….

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From the Past

I am not being nostalgic today.  I simply wanted something to denote a new category of cards that I am sharing….from the past.  Today I had great fun with a friend and local stamper, Karen stopped by for us to have some play time.  We ended up playing around with different mediums with the same image and some techniques on coloring and shading.  I pulled out some card “from the past” that I had done using different mediums and I came across this one and thought that I would share it with you today.  It is one of my favorites.  I have to admit that this was from our pre Flourishes days so this stamp is from Stampendous and I still love it today.  The stamp has  poppy stems, so this card was made by stamping and masking using Eclipse tape until I came up with this pleasing arrangement.  Tomorrow I will take more time and prepare the actual process of actually how this card was made.  so without further to do here is the card

From The Atelier today–well yesterday !




So How did you do that you ask…

It’s  one colorful card….all done on a piece of white card stock, colored with Prisma colored pencils, the background colored in black.  Then it was cut out and place on a green cardstock stamped with the linen backgound by SU.  A piece of DP on the bottom m favorite green ribbon and black and white polka dot sheer ribbon simply tied with a not and underscored with a hint of  Poppy red card stock on the bottom and all set on a black card base.

Don’t forget that tomorrow I will show you just how I did the card so I hope you will stop back by to visit.

By the way, Julie Koerber at Out To Impress used the very same stamp from Stampeddous today so you may want to visit her’s as well.

I hope you enjoyed this ” From the Past”.

Ciao from the Atelier today….

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Celebating New Arrivals



New Arrivals Worth Celebrating !!!!


We at Flourishes have been celebrating many new arrivals each and every one worthy to stand on their own, however, I put them together to celebrate one more new arrival….well that’s true.  I have used all of these new arrivals…

…..Rock a Bye Baby, a new simply precious stamp set to celebrate each and every little one’s arrival and scrapbook their new lives. Yes, this set is a star in Flourishes line of stamps.  There’s a story behind this great set but that will have to wait for another time.



——JustRite Stampers…Monogramers-Personalizers…How very special to make that new little arrival’s date first and foremost and personalized. Well oh my this is grand.



…..Twinkling H2Os…oh my, this is just the cat’s meow…shimmery, soft, bright, soft with you in control.  These new watercolors come In the most wonderful array of colors…it is so hard to choose just the color I wanted to use…I wanted to play with them all…OH MY This is FUN !!













What does it look like all together and to celebrate one more new arrival? My niece Libby gave birth to Grayson on May 19th 2008 so that called for a very special card! Well you guessed it…all of these brand NEW products in the Flourishes webstore came together to make an extra special card.  So here it is!


From The Atelier





So How did you do that you ask…


***  Card base is white with a small piece of lemony yellow that I made by painting these wonderful Twinkling (Twinks) H2Os across the white cardstock.


*** Cuttlebugged the Bliss Blue cardstock


***Stamp the image from Rock A Bye Baby in Palette Hybrid Ink  Charcoal…OHHH, I love this new color!


***Spritz the “Twinks” with water and allow to soften. I then used my Waterbrush to place some of the Twinks on a CD..and from here I worked the colors to spread, shad,e and soften.  These are so very easy to use.


***The images were allowed to dry, then cut with my Nesties and then a shadow scalloped image was cut from Ballet Blue. I then added dots by using my Ranger Essentials White Opaque pen.


*** the JustRite Stamper was used for the very special personalized welcome of Grayon, using white craft ink by CTMH.  A second scallop layer was cut using the Nesties and then dotted with Ballet Blue.


***The card was assembled and pop glue dots large and mini for that estra special dimension. 



Ciao from the Atelier today….


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Less that a week ago Flourishes (FLLC) released the beautiful set of images drawn for us by Marcy Hawley.  Each and every set she releases with us is more beautiful that the last one.  This one I love!  Each one in this new series is a must have for all of us –both the green and the brown thumbed gardeners. 

 Living in the Southeastern part of America along the beautiful Gulf coast of Florida Lilacs simply do not grow.  Had I not lived in Europe and then Maryland and Virginia I may not ever know what I was missing.  Living near Aschaffenburg, Germany in the early spring I came across a huge field of these trees..with the most wonderful scent…I  stopped my car and got out just to stand amid the aroma and the beauty that I cannot describe to you.  I noticed that all the trees were not the same shade of lavender, but varied in colors from a pure white to pinks to lavenders to almost violets with white edges.  A sweet German lady came up to me an spoke in German and ask if I was OK.  Yes, I said..and then told her how I had never experienced such a sweet beauty and flower.  She called to her husband, giving him directions, speaking so fast I could not follow but soon he brought to me the most enormous bouquet of lilacs one could hold.  They were for me!!!!!   I thanked them and later visited them on occasion and marveled at the orchards. Later that year another orchard spanning both sides of the winding road were cherry trees in bloom….another incredible treat for a southern girl.  Now don’t go feeling sorry for me that my southern life precludes me from such  beauties…God has seen in His glorious ways of distribution to laden this area with much natural beauty…it was just different!

So today’s card is done in Lilac and a sentiment from the Many Sentiments set (a fav of mine)–and I wish I could send it on to that wonderful couple in Germany…who should be enjoying their lilacs just about now…so for them here it is: 

 From The Atelier today……..      


**The background was stamped with dark olive .        Simple enough!     

**The lilac images were  stamped in Lovely  Lilac and  then colored in with the most wonderful, lucious and sparkly Twinkling H2Os LuminArte….the very same lady that had developed the Radiant  Pearls that are no longer available.  Boy was I glad to find these.   I was so happy that you will now find them in  the FLLC Webstore.  

 **After the images were colored, I cut them apart and used large pop glue dots to place them over the sentiment that I had stamped in Gray and sponged with the Lavender and some of the Twinks.

**I then added a flower also touched every so lightly with the Twinks and added a pearl.  The ribbon  is the green scalloped May Arts also from FLLC.  The background was placed over the Old Olive paper and then onto the white cardstock. 

 ** I added the dots al la Markie’s Mom–the queen of dots.

So What colors did I use ???


 Aren’t they luscious and so easy to use..if you have used any of the water color crayons..you are home free.  I have found that I like to spritz the little pots of color and let them soften…then I lift out some of the color onto a used CD disc that I use as my palette and work the colors to the intensity that I want., using my Waterbrush by Yasutomo and available at the FLLC webstore.

That’s it for today.                                          

Ciao from the Atelier today….

Thanks for stopping by and come back.





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  Newest  &4th Flourish is

    Sharon Johnson -notimetostmp-

Please join FLLC owners,  Jan Marie Caruso, Sharon Doolittle, and Nancy Kirk as they welcome a new partner into Flourishes LLC…none other than SCS’er Sharon Johnson as a full fledged owner and Flourish4!  Sharon started with Flourishes last year as a charter Design team member.  We immediately realized it was a perfect match.  Earlier this year she expressed interest in becoming more involved and in a bigger way.  So, after many phone calls, discussions, and meetings a new partnership was formed – we happily went from having “three” Flourishes to “four”. 

 Sharon’s elegant and timeless style works well with Flourishes Stamps. Her Stamp Simply” techniques showcases her ease of creating beautiful stamped pieces with Flourishes’ products.  Watch for next month when we will launch a new series of stamps, Stamp Simply, that have been developed from Sharon’s concepts and style of stamping. 

Over the past year Flourishes has grown in providing timeless images for today’s paper crafter along with a variety of paper, ribbons, and other card making essentials.  We use and test out each product before deciding to offer it for sale. We are excited that Sharon Johnson brings to Flourishes (FLLC) her creative energy, kind spirit, and abundant enthusiasm for paper crafting.  We look forward to a long and wonderful partnership.  Please join us in welcoming Sharon as a new partner in Flourishes,LLC (FLLC).

Cheer, Clap, Pop Champange, Hug the person you are next to–you know all those things we do when we are so excited   ..if no one is around…do a silly dance or jump up and down! 

New Sets Released Today 



































































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That’s right I’ve been away…but I have had the greatest time…and I was actually working!  Flourishes had it’s first experience at a craft show.  It was the Rubber Stampede in Sayner, WI. 

 I flew up to Michigan to meet….drum roll please……The One, The Only, Sharon Johnson, many of you know her notimetostamp on Splitcoaststampers We had a great time getting to know each other.  We worked really hard putting the pieces together for the show display.  And here’s what the first show display looked like.  The big white display stand was built by Sharon’s son Ben and he did a great job!

   Isn’t this just beautiful!  We had a beautiful banner made that looks just like the insert that is used on all Flourishes stamps.  It really makes be feel proud when I see all the professional touches come together and really portray the persona of Flourishes.  I often feel like a very proud Momma.

And we just could not leave any detail out of the presentation so we had our own Flourishes aprons made.  Here is what I look like in mine. 

We had a great time.  Sharon & I did a round robin group of classes on Friday night.  That made it possible to meet lots of the stampers that would be at the show on Saturday.  Sharon did three different Make and Takes at the booth during the day on Saturday.  She was a hit with ladies standing in line behind each chair just waiting for each group to finish. 

It feels good to be back home in the Atelier and I am glad you stopped in so I could share all the news and the fun times Sharon and I had together.



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