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Less that a week ago Flourishes (FLLC) released the beautiful set of images drawn for us by Marcy Hawley.  Each and every set she releases with us is more beautiful that the last one.  This one I love!  Each one in this new series is a must have for all of us –both the green and the brown thumbed gardeners. 

 Living in the Southeastern part of America along the beautiful Gulf coast of Florida Lilacs simply do not grow.  Had I not lived in Europe and then Maryland and Virginia I may not ever know what I was missing.  Living near Aschaffenburg, Germany in the early spring I came across a huge field of these trees..with the most wonderful scent…I  stopped my car and got out just to stand amid the aroma and the beauty that I cannot describe to you.  I noticed that all the trees were not the same shade of lavender, but varied in colors from a pure white to pinks to lavenders to almost violets with white edges.  A sweet German lady came up to me an spoke in German and ask if I was OK.  Yes, I said..and then told her how I had never experienced such a sweet beauty and flower.  She called to her husband, giving him directions, speaking so fast I could not follow but soon he brought to me the most enormous bouquet of lilacs one could hold.  They were for me!!!!!   I thanked them and later visited them on occasion and marveled at the orchards. Later that year another orchard spanning both sides of the winding road were cherry trees in bloom….another incredible treat for a southern girl.  Now don’t go feeling sorry for me that my southern life precludes me from such  beauties…God has seen in His glorious ways of distribution to laden this area with much natural beauty…it was just different!

So today’s card is done in Lilac and a sentiment from the Many Sentiments set (a fav of mine)–and I wish I could send it on to that wonderful couple in Germany…who should be enjoying their lilacs just about now…so for them here it is: 

 From The Atelier today……..      


**The background was stamped with dark olive .        Simple enough!     

**The lilac images were  stamped in Lovely  Lilac and  then colored in with the most wonderful, lucious and sparkly Twinkling H2Os LuminArte….the very same lady that had developed the Radiant  Pearls that are no longer available.  Boy was I glad to find these.   I was so happy that you will now find them in  the FLLC Webstore.  

 **After the images were colored, I cut them apart and used large pop glue dots to place them over the sentiment that I had stamped in Gray and sponged with the Lavender and some of the Twinks.

**I then added a flower also touched every so lightly with the Twinks and added a pearl.  The ribbon  is the green scalloped May Arts also from FLLC.  The background was placed over the Old Olive paper and then onto the white cardstock. 

 ** I added the dots al la Markie’s Mom–the queen of dots.

So What colors did I use ???


 Aren’t they luscious and so easy to use..if you have used any of the water color crayons..you are home free.  I have found that I like to spritz the little pots of color and let them soften…then I lift out some of the color onto a used CD disc that I use as my palette and work the colors to the intensity that I want., using my Waterbrush by Yasutomo and available at the FLLC webstore.

That’s it for today.                                          

Ciao from the Atelier today….

Thanks for stopping by and come back.





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