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From The Past–TODAY !

Yesterday I shared this picture from the past and told you that I would be back tonight to share the how-to.

So a look a Yesterday-From the Past

From The Atelier

Now Today–A creation or Recreation!

Well, not being one to make the same thing twice I CASED myself…keeping the elements, coloring mediums, basic card stocks , ribbons and similar flowers.  What I changed were the actual stamps, this time substituting a single flower from SU–Natural Beauty, I think.

So How did you do that you ask…

  **** After decided on the image I began the work of masking and stamping.  The masking is an important step, allowing me to push some images to the back and some forward, so to speak.

***Masking–I used Eclispe Tape and stamped the daisy image four times.  Then cutting my white card stock to 4 1/4 ” , I stamped my tallest flower.  At this point I have not used my mask that I have stamped and cut from the Eclispe tape, simply the first three flowers.

Now I will begin to cover the flowers and stems that I have already stamped with the mask.  By doing so, I will protect the images from being over stamped and giving us the illusion that one of the flowers is forward and one flower behind as seen in the next photo.


If you look closely I have followed the arrangement of the flowers in the first card.  However the image that I am using today is a much larger image, therefore I had to reduce the number of flowers.  In Yesterday’s card the image had 15 flowers.  The human eve is most comfortable seeing things in sequences of threes…so I choose to use nine flowers for the card today.

So What colors did I use ???   

****  Now came the fun time of selecting the colors…and again staying true to my first colors I chose to use the flowers in the exact same hues and using the Prisma colored pencils that I had used in the first.  So here is what my color selection is for the card.

These colors were then colored in lightly on the outline of the images somewhat following the lines of the flowers in the first card. This can be seen here:

As you can see I have outlined each of the flowers in the colors that I intend the flowers to be.  I do this so as I work I won’t get confused and get the wrong color on the wrong image…for me it a plan I stick too …if you look closely on the two lowest flowers in the bottom middle and the row up on the right I had already made a mistake.. Oh how I hate to do that when I am really on my way to a finished project. 

****The Fun–the coloring.  For me I find that it is best if I work in one family at the time.  This time I chose the brighest red and very lightly used small overlapping circles to color in my first flower, and then the second red flower.  The next trick up my sleeve is that I then use a color that is a close neighbor to the first color used and then color in over the red and in this case it was a shade of orange.  Both of these will be my primary coloring I will get to finish the details after all of the flowers are colored.  As you can see from the next photo,  I have laid in more colors…this piece is begining to come alive, don’t you think?

You may notice that in the above photo I have yesterday’s card next to the image I am working on.  This is something that I find helpful when working on these kinds of projects…..I don;t want to stray from the point and confuse you too much.  I will follow the same  rules about coloring each of the flowers using the orange and overlaping it with yellow, then on the yellow flowers using yellow and overlapping with the orange…now this is something that takes a little practice but I find it well worth the time.

You may have also noticed that I have lightly added some color to the stems..this again is to keep my  images in prospective, some appearing in the foreground and some behind.

*** In this next photo you will see that I have colored all of the flowers.  The white ones are colored…yes colored because I used a soft grey to give them some definition and allow them to pop if you will. 

The black background for this card was colored in using my black Copic marker which I did not have for the first card.  It was very much easier and gave a nice smooth and dark background.  With this step done I needed to progress to making my card base.

****For the card base I use SU basic black, then a sheet of green BG paper and a black and white similar to the first card, but I choose a slightly larger scale design to give the bottom of the card more presence.  I cut strips of black and red card stock to add the black line at the mid point and the red line to anchor the entire image at the very bottom of the card.

The next was easy, after attaching all of the cardstock to the base it was time to emblish with my ribbons, green and a black and white sheer, both available from FLLC webstore.

So are you ready to see both Yesterday and Today together?  Good because I am more that ready to share them with you.


I hope you have enjoyed today’s visit.  I appreciate you stopping in.

So from the Atelier.

Ciao from the Atelier today….

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