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Please Come For Coffee

A lot of work goes into a set before it can be ready for sale.  Coffee with Friends was no exception.  Since this was to be Sharon Johnson’s first set in the Stamp Simply series, we wanted it to be just right, NO we wanted perfect!  Since she doesn’t draw and doesn’t do graphics we had to work from her concepts and a lot of collaboration goes into this kind of work.  My sister Diane and I work very well together a lot of back and forth working together until we get it right.  So as Sharon’s concepts came in we went to work on developing an idea…..something simple to stamp, something that carried the timeless feel of Flourishes stamps, something new and fresh.  By varying the style of cups we could offer our stampers a wider range of use……and we know that the stampers in Flourish land are VERY creative and sometimes so out of the box.  When Diane sent a refined look and we added the small flourishes’ I knew we had hit the nail on the head…well from this part of Flourishes, the big test would be if Sharon thought the same way.  I am pleased that a resounding Yes was her answer…so our first Stamp Simply set was ready to go to proof!

During this concept stage, I am as much a stamper as creator, communicator and designer….I knew that I wanted to do a card that was traditional blue and white…these little cups just stood up and yelled at me saying “Do me in blue and white”.  Well I have to tell you that by the time I got around to playing  and stamping I had to work thru 3 cards..none just right…but then I thought about all the wonderful times when as a military wife we had coffees with the other wives of our spouses units.  There came the idea to make an invitation, I settled on a small 3 1/2 X 5″ card in brilliant blue…..added a layer of white dotted Swiss paper, edged it with an edging that reminds me of the lace that is put in dish cabinets.  This always says Country, be in contry French, country English,  American Country, well even in Germany I noticed that the ladies had their touches of white  lace lining their cabinets–so to me it’s country in the most wonderful way.

To make the invitation I used my JustRite Monogramer and the little letters with the “kitchen of” ring and spelled out “please come for”; then for my bit of unexpected I used the word Coffee from the set….I think it all works.

So here’s the card for today, Please Come For Coffee……

All that’s left for this southern girl is to polish the silver, iron the white napkins, set the prettiest table you ever saw, then make a pot of wonderful steaming hot coffee just before the ladies arrive.  Would you like to come to coffee?


Stamp set used:  Coffee With Friends-Flourishes

Paper: White and Brilliant Blue, Glossy White (cups)

Ink: Brilliant Blue

Just Rite Monogramers: Little letters, From the Kitchen of Ring

Ribbons: just a dash of May art Navy blue Sheer and white polka dot all from Flourishes.

Thanks for stopping by the Atelier today, hope you enjoyed your visit .



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Just Because….

Often I need something, Just Because ! 




  Today is one on those days…….and just in time Flourishes released this new set Peony, by Marcy Hawley.  This card needed to be a very feminine card, with wonderful fashionable but classic lines…..of course I always like to add in some of the unexpected with the classics…so I have a wonderful shade of PINK,  it’s my Oomph!  And what could be more classic that black and pearls? 


So this card has all of those things and I think this card certainly falls into the Stamp Simply concept.


From The Atelier




So How did you do that you ask…

I kept my focus very simple….and the card is simple to make.  I stamped the Peony stamp with the Hybrid Palette Glue Pad (clear) and then dusted it with the wonderful new Mica- Oyster from LumenArte.  My work was done! The wonderful pearl look can’t be captured on film, but in person this is a beauty that could steal the show!  These are new in the store at Flourishes and they are wonderful!!


I used another classic and feminine touch with the dotted swiss on white.  To get the long line I needed, I placed the folder on the long side of my paper and then moved it down and repeated the embossing process.  I repeated this process for the length that I needed.  I added a scalloped edge.  This I layered over the face of the card, but you’ll notice that I trimmed it and repeated the scalloped edge.  I added one more layer, but this time it is on the inside of my card…yes the Oomph! of this gorgeous shade, and one more slice to add to the scalloped edge. 


On the main focus I added another piece of this Oomph! Pink behind my peony layer but kept this layer really small.  A few pearls on the corners, a slice of pink scalloped ribbon, a stamped sentiment, a bow, and it is done.



Now, I think that’s a wrap, simply stamped, layers of classics, but not over powering and very definitely feminine….. Just Because ! 



Ciao from the Atelier today….



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Stamp Simply is here!




Flourishes is pleased to announce the release of it’s first set in the Stamp Simply line, called Coffee with Friends, and another beautiful floral drawn by Marcella Hawley, called PeonySpring Ephemerals, Flourishes first solid image set also drawn by Marcella Hawley, was released last week.  Here’s a look at all three of June’s releases:


    Coffee with Friends                        Peony                        Spring Ephemerals



     stamp    simplyTM   is here!   Yes, the day has finally come to unveil the very newest addition to the Flourishes, LLC line. 

   As we talked with Sharon Johnson regarding her joining the Flourishes, LLC ownership, we asked what she would like to bring to the company.  Her immediate comment was “her style of stamping simply, but elegantly”.  She wanted to be a part of creating a set of stamps that stampers of all levels would be able to pick up and stamp beautiful cards that could be simply done or taken to any level beyond. 

   With that in mind, I asked Sharon to identify concepts that she would like to see in this stamp  simplyTM.  That was our beginning of the new line that we share with you today. So here is my first card using the  

stamp  simplyTM premier set Coffee with Friends.

 From The Atelier


   So How did you do that you ask…

      I used my new stamp  simply TM Coffee with Friends  Set and did just that …I stamped simply!

 ** The cutest little coffee cups with flourishes on them were stamped on white cardstock in Hybrid Palette Noir ink and then 

 ** I simply colored them in using the greatest new toy in the Atelier…my Twinkling H2Os by LuminArte.  Oh my, I do love those luscious little pots of intense color and glimmer.  They are so easy to use.  Simply add a drop water to the pot then work with a water color brush  or your aquapainter.  Then    allow them to dry.

 ** Next I cut them out and placed small dimensionals on the back.  had already chosen the color theme for this cardrd..I wanted something feminine, yet with the rich brown of coffee.  I found this all in Basic Grey’s Sultry pad.  It was a match made in heaven. 


** Mcard is 5 ½ ” square.  The layer under the main layer is the brown from the same pad.  The rest of the card is straightforward.  The cups are set off to the side not to interfere with the background paper, the sentiment is from the set and stamped in the same black ink.

**A dash of the wonderful sheer ribbon from the Flourishes store and a small flower with some bling made this card a wrap!

  Viola!  stamp    simplyTM.  

    I hope you enjoyed this first card, believe me I have more of these up my sleeve.  Be sure to check out all of the design team posts today to see their first cards Leslie Miller, Julie Koerber, Linda  Duke, Susan Roberts, Faith Hofrichter

 Thanks for stopping by the Atelier today.

 Ciao from the Atelier today….

PS. Thanks to Latisha, I cased a beautiful card that she sent me last week…it was too pretty not to share in some way.

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During the past year, the three flourishes came to know Sharon Johnson in a special way.  As you all know this has grown into us having Sharon become our 4th Flourish.

  It was Sharon’s dream, and since Flourishes is all about dreams coming true, to develop her own series.  But how to do that, after all she told me she could not even draw a stick…but concepts she had…so we went to work on that….she knew she wanted to call the Series Stamp Simply.  It takes a great deal of time, planning, drawing, talk, changes, more drawing, proofs to get a stamp to the customer.  I think this is going to be a GREAT series…one that you will certainly want to collect each and every one of the….but then Flourishes tries to develop stamps that you will want each and every one of them.  Look at the very bottom….I’ll have a sneak peak for you.  So here is what Sharon has to say.


Stamp Simply – The Story Behind the Series

Flourishes Stamp Simply Series debuts on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  I know a lot of you have questions about our new Stamp Simply Series, so I thought it would be appropriate to explain to you how the series came about, what it actually means to *Stamp Simply* and to let you know what you can expect from the Stamp Simply Series. 

Stamp Simply means, first and foremost, to keep the process simple, but at the same time, make it beautiful!  And that perfectly sums up the way I like to stamp.  I like to keep things simple, but at the same time, I want the end result to be beautiful.  With that thought in mind, the Stamp Simply Series was born.  I wanted to create stamp sets that were easy to use, that had gorgeous images that maintained the Flourishes signature style of timeless and classic beauty, and I also wanted the sets to be able to stand alone – meaning that if you’re in a rush (and aren’t we all), you can just reach for a small Stamp Simply set and know that everything you need to complete a beautiful card is contained in that one set.

Each Stamp Simply set will allow you to create gorgeous cards, very simply, when you keep the Stamp Simply concept in mind.  Those of you who are regular readers have heard me say this time and again – but it bears repeating:  When you use beautiful things, you don’t have to DO much. And this is so, so true.  Beautiful cards are easily achieved with the use of gorgeous images, quality papers, and luscious ribbons.  Really, that’s all it takes.  Start with a simple design, add a bit of your favorite paper, attach your stamped image, add a sentiment and finish it off with a beautiful ribbon or other embellishment.  Simple, beautiful, done!!!

I also promise you that as far as those simple designs go, I will be regularly posting with the Stamp Simply sets, offering you a wide range of designs to choose from.  And to assist you even further, I have created a Stamp Simply tab at the top of this page.  Here I will provide a concise index of Stamp Simply samples for your reference.  I think it will serve as a quick and handy reference tool for you.

And a question I have been asked a lot of recent is whether I am drawing the Stamp Simply sets.  No, I am not.  I can not draw.  I am not an artist.  But I am filled with ideas — so many, many ideas — and that’s where it all begins.  The original concept for a stamp set is transferred into rough drawings, sketches, photos, and the written word  – whatever it takes — to communicate the concept to the artist.  Flourishes uses both artists and calligraphers to create our final stamp sets, and these personal touches are what set the Flourishes images apart from the rest.  Each and every Flourishes stamp set is a labor of love, a collaboration of many, many women, with many hands laid upon it before it is complete and final.  Truly, a melding together of many hearts and minds, giving us the best of all worlds.

And as for the artist behind our first Stamp Simply set —  once the overall  style, shapes, sentiments, etc. were decided, the actual artwork was a collaboration between Jan Marie Caruso (Flourish #1) and her sister,  Diane Roche.  Diane is a self-taught glass artist who is very computer savvy and uses the computer to her advantage in turning out awesome pieces of glass art.  Diane is the only licensed glass artist for Louisiana State University and last year Diane was the designer chosen to create the art for the Breast Cancer Campaign in the State of Louisiana.   After the main images were drawn, the detail work was pulled from some of Flourishes previous images – Lace Heart and our Flourishes Logo – and some detail was drawn by Diane.  I couldn’t be more pleased with our first Stamp Simply set, and I thank these talented ladies immensely for their work and effort in bringing our first Stamp Simply set to life!!!

Hope you’ll check back in on Tuesday to see the first Stamp Simply set!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in today!!!

Sharon Johnson (notimetostamp)


Here is my Sneak Peak for you of what you might expect to find on Tuesday!






Tomorrow I have another sneak peak for you, yes Marcy Hawley has been busy for Flourishes again…and oh are going to love that one too.


Ciao from the Atelier today….

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Are you Ready to Meet the new Team?  They are:

            Susan Roberts        Faith Hofrichter        Julie Koerber       

                              Linda Duke        Leslie Miller

That is one great line up of talent from stampland!  Each and every one of these ladies is individually very gifted and talented, but put them together and we will see great things happen.

Leslie Miller, is staying on as the Flourishes Senior Designer.  She start with Flourishes when we first opened our doors almost a year ago.  We are honored to have this very talented lady as a special part of this team.  To celebrate this event she will be giving away some blog candy tomorrow, so visit her blog, Running With Scissors, tomorrow and see what she has in store…You’re gonna like it!

  Get to know these ladies at little better by visiting the Flourishes Newsletter today for their full introductions.

New Set Released Today

To make this day even more special we are releasing a very special set that Marcelly Hawley has drawn for us.  It is a new type of stamp for Flourishes, in being a silhouette and solid type images.  These Spring Ephemeral  Collection 1, give a fresh look to our flower range.  This type of stamps lends itself so a variety of inks and methods of stamping and promises to give your creations an entire new look.

Here is a look at the set Spring Ephemeral  , Collection 1


Now isn’t this pretty???

From The Atelier

Want to see what I made with it today???      OK here it is.

   Oh My I really like this set and how this card turned out.  It was a very simple card to make.

So How did you do that you ask…

My “Nesties” circles and scallops did the hardest part of this card….and that wasn’t hard.  I used white cardstock and charcoal grey .  I really like the look of the celery green.  My images were stamped with Hybrid Palette Inks in Charcoal.  I did make a mask of the large flower using the Eclipse tape from Flourishes.  That artist tool is one I can hardly live without anymore.  I keep my mask of the images I make up and store them in the case along with the stamp for future usage.

The rest of the card is very simple.  the card base is Certainly Celery, by SU and is a 5 inch square card.  A strip of white and tiny layer of black make this card pop.  The ribbons are all from Flourishes and I love the fact that all of them in the color family match.  The small black is 3/8″ and is the very same as the 1″ satin ribbon that we carry.  Very Pretty.  The Green organza add a light touch and the polka dot keep this card from being too format.  Of course the sentiment,” Je ‘taime”, “I love you” is wonderful and is from our Open to Love set….yes it is a clean new look of Love!


Thanks for stopping in the Atelier today, I ‘m glad you did.

Ciao from the Atelier today….


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