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Yes, it happens each and every month like clock work…..the second Wednesday of the month Flourishes releases and unleashes the great artwork that has been in the works and is ready for all of you.  This week is not different.  I have to say that while I have loved all of our releases, I would be hard pressed at this time to say that I was over the moon excited with the releases this month.  Now normally I actually have a card to share with you from our releases, but this month needed to be different….I just wanted to   focus on them each of them in some depth.  Here are the beauties….each unique,, each beautiful and something for every level of stamper!.

My grandfather always grew poppies in his garden every year….I just love them…so many many colors, petals so thin yet bursting with color….and then those wonderful seed pod that had a gazillions seed in each one.  He grew them along with Shasta daises and living in south Louisiana they bloom in May and June and what a  sight it was to behold.  I promise that I will soon but my ink to paper and share my thoughts on these beauties. 

Our Second Stamp Simply Stamp is one that has been in the works for months.  My dear friend Joan Machinchick did this beautiful quote on gratitude and the other beautiful words.  Our talented Marcy Hawley, wife of “hottie husband” Patrick, added the two wonderful tulips….the parrot tulip with all it ruffles and petals just begs for colors and the more simple tulip is just lovely in any color on God’s green earth!  It was a joy for me to hear Sharon’s excitement in her voice when I sent her the final drawings and that we were ready for proof.

Last but by no way least is the wonderful Butterfly Moments and my sister Diane and I developed.  Many years ago I was a fan of an artist named Maryrose  Wampler.  She specialized in butterflies and native plants they loved.  I  own three smaller size prints of her work and always have them grace a part of my home as to assure that I cane see and treasure them daily.  Sharon Doolittle (sewflake) and the quietest of the Flourishes shared the quote used on this set and we just can wait to see the creations that will grace the FLLC gallery soon.  Living in the beautiful panhandle of Florida on the gulf coast we are  treated to a bevy of wonderful butterflies each year….Pensacola is also a stop over of the hummingbirds as they make their way back to the north each year. 

So without further wait….here my friends are this months releases….drop me a note and let me know that you think….or better yet, add these beauties to you Flourishes stamp collection!


July 3 set photo

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