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Joy Fold Perfect for a Special Sister

My sister, Diane is more that just a sister.  She is a friend and an integral part of Flourishes.  She has designed or digitized many of our sets.  Coffee with Friends is the work of her wonderful hands.  She is also a confidante, even though younger she is often a mentor and advisor.  She is a fellow artist, an artist in many rights….her glass etching is incredible, she makes wonderful fun loving dolls.  I think there may be no end to her blessings in creative venues.

Needless to say a birthday card for her would have to be, well as we often say…”Over the Top” .  I think this one will fit the bill……So here this one is for you Diane…..Happy Birthday!


I think she will like it….don’t you?

Of course it had to be just as special inside so I used the Designer Papers from Memory box that we carry at Flourishes.  So using the same paper on the inside, simply switching the orientation made it just different.


As you can see I used the Flourishes Damask on the Rose Red, layered on Black.  The small card is made from the Kraft card stock overlaid with the same designer paper.  The simple Happy Birthday and the Celebrate are from Flourishes Many Sentiments and were stamped in Rose Red.



One last look at the the front of the card, shows some of the special touches I added.  I used my White Essentials pen (Flourishes) to highlight the details on the card.  The pearl was just the finishing touch on the brad and was the “Over The Top—AH moment that made this card perfect for my special sister, Diane.  I hope your day has been a wonderful one!

Thanks for visiting the Atelier today.



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Inspired by Artist in other Mediums

I am so intrigued by artists, you know the real artist that sell the great art work!  For the second time I have been really drawn (no pun intended) to take a stamper’s liberty and recreate from their wonderfully inspiring pieces. 

Today I am going to share with you a card I made that was inspired by set I received as a gift many years ago by Mary Rose Wampler.  She has developed a watercolor technique that earned national recognition for her series of thirty flower collector prints commissioned by Nature House, Inc. Subsequently, she painted a set of first day covers for U.S. stamps depicting endangered species.   I was drawn by her beautiful expression what she consider a plant’s personality, “I try to include some companion plants, ground litter, insects, or animals if they seem appropriate.”   Mary Rose Wampler paints from near her home in Indiana along the Wabash River.

 So here is the art piece that I am working from today:







And here is my card:

How do you think I did at trying to emulate MaryRose Wampler? Her medium is watercoloring and I am using markers and stamps and not trying to copy, but interpupt her works.

  This card was made using Summer Blossoms and Butterfly Moments, both from Flourishes.   It was colored with Copic markers, touches of Spica pens from Copic, Pearls from Kaisercraft (which I colored with the same colored markers to get just the right color).  The designer paper is of unknown origin.  The layers are charcoal grey and the satin ribbon is of dubious ancestry as well….

I have to admit this is not the first time I have attempted this kind of challenge.  Here is one I did before we opened Flourishes, so I am not using any Flourishes stamps here.  This painting was done by Amy Ross.




Here is my card using her inspiration:


This card was made using a favorite of mine by Penny Black.  I have had this stamp for years.  It too was colored with Copics, using very careful detailing. 


Well that’s all I have to share today….but I am on a roll so come on back and visit soon.



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Sometimes images take on a life of their own and today’s post is certainly a time when this has happened.  I had a plan (don’t we all?), a technique, and an application to share.  But as I sat there and began to work, I thought I would make a simple thank you card, I need one for tonight.  All of a sudden I was in love with my mock up.  Thank goodness I had started with good card stock just in case I could use the image later.  This is something I have learned over time.  Well, suddenly I was on a roll and I had a set of three cards using Summer Botanicals, that just please me so much!  So here is my set of Summer Botanical note cards. 



                                                                                                                                                                           Here is my first card.  I made the coneflower into a                    Black Eye Susan.  I then colored with water based markers directly onto the stamps,  Then I mottled the colors just a little using a blender pen.  Each of the images was then highlighted with Prisma color pencils.   I love the finished image when I combine these products, if you haven’t tried this, please do.  I think you will like it as well….so much more life and smoothness takes place.

For a special touch and to make the Black Eye Susan look even more real I added Flower Soft in black to the cone.  It is such an easy addition.  I simply covered the cone with glue from my Quickie Glue Pen then sprinkled Flower Soft on the top and let dry.  Of course I will run some cardstock through the crimper and place on on top of the image prior to mailing.



This card was done in the same manner as above.  You will notice that I used several colors on the poppies.  I did this so that they would not have a flat look when finished.  For coloring I blended Orange, Pumpkin, and Red. I then again motteled with my blender.


The ribbons used on the cards are from Flourishes and are a unifying part of this set of cards.  The May Arts scalloped Apple green is on each card.  The  Polka dot changes in each card to coordinate with the flower.  The small black with white stitching ribbon ( not from Flourishes), but is a unifying aspect.



Here I have inserted a close up of the image of the poppies for you to get the affect of this motteling.  It is soft and shows depth.  The same type of technique was used in the next card to give the Lilly of the Valley some life and come off the white on white paper…..so scroll on down.







Here is the last of the three cards from this set.  It is my favorite of them all, but they all ran a close race.  I outlined the blooms of the flowers with celery marker then using the blender, with just a tad of the red from the poppies, I again did the motteling effect.  I just noticed that in the picture there is a stray piece of ribbon, yep I checked the card and it just clung on.  I have removed it.  But am using this to point up something else I have learned along the way.  I often photograph a card when I think it is right, even if it doesn’t seem finished.  Then when I view it on the computer screen I have a more objective view of the card.  Then I can usually see the direction in which to take the card.    I also do this when I am trying to rearrange my studio, decorate a room and the like……it always give me the true image of what someone else sees, besides me.

Well I think that wraps it up for me today, I have another big project that needs my attention.  Tomorrow I will work with Summer Blossoms….and it is worth coming back to see.

Thanks for stopping in the Atelier today, please visit the Flourishes Webstore.  Please visit each of the Flourishes Team today…they all have wonderful things to share as well

Faith , Julie , Barb, Leslie, Linda, Susan, Nancy and SharonD


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It’s a Summer Release

It’s the second Wednesday of the month and that means Flourishes is releasing new sets!  And this month is totally devoted to the last vestige of summer.


 My card for this first day of release is a simple one.  Fresh and clean just as the days are just after a summer rain.  The image of the bowl of lemons is from Summer on the Patio.  This is a wonderfully versatile set, with duplicates of most images in two sizes.  It is full of refreshing images.  Yes, like these bowls of lemons, but there is more, much, much more, pitchers of lemonade, glasses of all sizes, tables, and chairs all for patio entertaining.






I used a simple statement on the card, using Flourished Words to say “Thank You Friend”.

The Card is made on white card stock, a linen cardstock in blue and yellow.  A punched edge on the blue adds a crisp look.  A yellow and blue check ribbon adds another crisp touch.  The image was colored with my Copics and then blended with Prisma color pencils.  Oh how I love this card and the freshness of it! 

I hope you enjoy it as well.

So want to see the sets, I’ve given you a small glimpse below, we are releasing???  Sure you do, so go straight over to the store….They are up and it’s early.



Summer on the Patio


                                                          Summer                                       Summer                                                  

Blossoms                                    Bontanicals



Join me tomorrow for another look and another set made from this month’s great release.

 Thanks for visiting the Atelier today,

Jan Marie

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How Does Your Garden Grow?


Today I want to walk in my garden, My Fantasy Floral Garden, that is…..each card is one from the  Garden, but not a rose garden!   Each and every day we are given the exact number of minutes and hours, breaths and options.  How and why we make the choices to live it is important.  Having watched the airing of “The Last Lecture” with  Randy Pausch, then receiving the book as a gift, I knew it was time to live life and smell the garden.  If you have not had an opportunity to ready this wonderful book, I strongly recommend it.




I know everyone that reads this blog must wonder just what was up in my world that I would not have any time at all to create and post.  Believe me when I say that life has been playing real hard ball in our lives.  Both Mike and I had unexpected surgeries, coupled with the death of a young infant in the family, as well as a multitude of other challenges….life was taking it’s toll. 




                                                                                                                                                                                                         On the positive side, but stressful as well, we took some time away to attend CHA in Chicago.  It was great fun, wonderful to see Flourishes images being used in THREE major booths, on items displayed or for demo.  Of course that kind of travel also has it hiccups and this trip followed the norm.

Returning home proved even more challenging.  Many changes were taking place, important decisions needed to be made for Flourishes.  New products for the store are arriving daily and well into Fall.  We think we have made some wonderful choices and hope you will enjoy them as well.  Owning and running a small women owned business is to say the least challenging.  It takes all of our cumulative time, skills and a delicate balance to keep things on an even keel, much less moving forward and growing as Flourishes has done.  The total support of our husbands and families is a necessary aspect.  I am truly blessed that Mike is a loving and active part of Flourishes.  Nancy and Sharon’s husbands are wonderful as well.




 Blogging and creating is an important part of my life, an aspect that I need.  It is my sincere wish to let this aspect not be overshadowed and to make  time for it.  I hope you will all continue to visit.

The Cards are all made with the Fantasy Floral Garden set, all supplies are also from our webstore.  .  I love this set,  It is so versatile and allows for creative juices to go in many directions.   I hope that you have enjoyed this stroll thru my Fantasy Floral Garden.

Please visit the “garden” cards created by the Flourishes Design Team as we are all highlighting this set today.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.  Faith,  Julie, Leslie, Susan.


As always the Flourishes Newsletter is a wonderful source of all the up to date infor for what’s happening at Flourishes,llc


As Randy Pausch points out in his book, the how we spend our time is important.  He has some great pointers to help us pack a whole life into the time we are given.  Again he says “It’s about how you live your life……

Thanks for stopping by the Atelier today….the door will be open more often, please come again!



Many Hugs,

Jan Marie

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