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How Does Your Garden Grow?


Today I want to walk in my garden, My Fantasy Floral Garden, that is…..each card is one from the  Garden, but not a rose garden!   Each and every day we are given the exact number of minutes and hours, breaths and options.  How and why we make the choices to live it is important.  Having watched the airing of “The Last Lecture” with  Randy Pausch, then receiving the book as a gift, I knew it was time to live life and smell the garden.  If you have not had an opportunity to ready this wonderful book, I strongly recommend it.




I know everyone that reads this blog must wonder just what was up in my world that I would not have any time at all to create and post.  Believe me when I say that life has been playing real hard ball in our lives.  Both Mike and I had unexpected surgeries, coupled with the death of a young infant in the family, as well as a multitude of other challenges….life was taking it’s toll. 




                                                                                                                                                                                                         On the positive side, but stressful as well, we took some time away to attend CHA in Chicago.  It was great fun, wonderful to see Flourishes images being used in THREE major booths, on items displayed or for demo.  Of course that kind of travel also has it hiccups and this trip followed the norm.

Returning home proved even more challenging.  Many changes were taking place, important decisions needed to be made for Flourishes.  New products for the store are arriving daily and well into Fall.  We think we have made some wonderful choices and hope you will enjoy them as well.  Owning and running a small women owned business is to say the least challenging.  It takes all of our cumulative time, skills and a delicate balance to keep things on an even keel, much less moving forward and growing as Flourishes has done.  The total support of our husbands and families is a necessary aspect.  I am truly blessed that Mike is a loving and active part of Flourishes.  Nancy and Sharon’s husbands are wonderful as well.




 Blogging and creating is an important part of my life, an aspect that I need.  It is my sincere wish to let this aspect not be overshadowed and to make  time for it.  I hope you will all continue to visit.

The Cards are all made with the Fantasy Floral Garden set, all supplies are also from our webstore.  .  I love this set,  It is so versatile and allows for creative juices to go in many directions.   I hope that you have enjoyed this stroll thru my Fantasy Floral Garden.

Please visit the “garden” cards created by the Flourishes Design Team as we are all highlighting this set today.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.  Faith,  Julie, Leslie, Susan.


As always the Flourishes Newsletter is a wonderful source of all the up to date infor for what’s happening at Flourishes,llc


As Randy Pausch points out in his book, the how we spend our time is important.  He has some great pointers to help us pack a whole life into the time we are given.  Again he says “It’s about how you live your life……

Thanks for stopping by the Atelier today….the door will be open more often, please come again!



Many Hugs,

Jan Marie

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