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Flourishes September Releases!

Oh I just love the second week of the month.  The excitement mounts as we prepare for the release of our monthly sets.  So it’s the second week of September and Wednesday is the big release.  I hope many of you got over to the Chat with the Designer of the Flourishes Member company forum last night.  If you did you have already seen these sets…….so you won’t have a BIG surprise, but if you missed the party read on because I have more that stamps sets to show you.

First, a name change: Stamp Simply series has a new name!!!    Simply/ Sophisticated  I just love the name!  And the stamp that we kick off this new name was created by one of our own Design Team Members, Leslie Miller.  Thank you Leslie for sharing your talents with us and I am sure that I speak for lots of stampers  My sister, Diane Roche, completed the digitizing for us.  And we just love it and think you will too……so drum roll…Let me introduce you to Mixed Greetings I think this set is destined for a great future.


This very versatile set has three bowl or containers, three toppers and three sentiments.  All interchangable…..just as the name says the set is Mixed Greetings and truly Simply/ Sophisticated ! 

Our second set being released this month is really another wonderful creation by Marcella Hawley for Flourishes.  We have taken the creative venue on a new path with the creation of this set. 

Birds In Vine

Now isn’t this wonderful and creative!  It is a large 8 x 6 inch set.  It contains the vine image which is a nice focal point and will serve nicely as a background, as the vine is 6″ tall and 4.25″ wide.  The five silhouette birds are solid images that can be placed as you like….all or any number you choose.  Then as a bonus we added a smaller version of the total images as Marcy first drew it…..nice don’t you think?  Wow, a background and eight other images for one great price!  Those sentiments are grand!

The third set this month is a “Go Green”  statement for Flourishes….The set name you ask……

Forest of Trees  Hold on this set is really great for all seasons and is fresh and a new spin of trees in the forest.  So without further ado….here it is:

Another Marcy creation and what a tribute to the forest.  I can see this set done in so many ways.  The new Flower Soft is going to be great for making these trees come alive and quite literally jump off the cards!

This is a 4 x 6 set and is a real bargain considering that it retails for $15.00 USD and others similar are selling for $24.95.

And the fun doesn’t stop here this month.  We have two more great deals up our sleeves. 

Special Bundle Sale   That’s right, if you’re like me and you want it all….for a limited one week special we are offering these three sets at 10% off when you buy the bundle of three……This must be the bundle group and NOT individual items…so when you shop on the Flourishes look for the bundle and save some cash for something else.

Design Team Bonus Codes

We feel we have a top notch design team. Every week these talented ladies showcase Flourishes stamps with their beautiful creations, as well as providing valuable tutorials and helpful ideas. We want to reward them and we need your help.

You know those tip jars that some bloggers have on their blogs? We are going to give our designers tips/bonus based on YOUR feedback.

Here is what we ask of you! When you make a purchase at Flourishes, all you need to do is type in the designers name as shown below (first name and last initial) in the promotion code at checkout. That’s it!! We’ll provide the bonus at no cost to you, but you’ll know that you will be supporting someone whose work has inspired you!

So, help us out and remember to type in your inspiring designers name:

juliek for Julie Koerber
faithh for Faith Hofrichter
lesliem for Leslie Miller
lindad for Linda Duke
susanr for Susan Roberts
 OK that’s all I have…well almost, want an easy link to each of the designers’ blogs?  Just click on their name and you are on your way to a journey of creative talent that will certainly inspire you…I know, I have seen the preview of their cards……Gotta love those girls!  Remember to reward them by typing in your inspiring designers name as listed above.

Julie            Faith                  Leslie                      Linda                        Susan

and of course our Guest Designer…the ever creative Barb

Now that I got all the office work done.  I will be sharing some of my attempts…so come on back…who knows what we have up our sleeves next at the Atelier,


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