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Inspiring and Grateful

Today I want to focus on the great designers that comprise the Flourishes Design Team.  I think that these ladies each have an extraordinary talent that they so unselfishly share with us.  I know you feel both inspired and grateful to these wonderful ladies.  But what does it mean literally to be inspired.  Well, here is the dictionary definition:
inspirational in·spi·ra·tional (-s̸hə nəl)  adjective
      1. of or giving inspiration; inspiring
      2. produced, influenced, or stimulated by inspiration; inspired [noun] arousing to a particular emotion
           or action
Well I think that says it all.  I am sharing one of my cards which was totally inspired–in fact maybe even CASED from Linda Duke from her post of Sept 21.
I was making a card for a friend for mine that is very ill.  I wanted to incorporate the SCS challenge using the colors of Baja Blue, Really Rust, and Chocolate Chip.  I also wanted a card that was feminine.
I think that Linda is the “Queen of Feminine”.  Her 21 Sept card had just stuck in my mind, she HAD inspired me.
I could insert many cards from our wonderful designers that inspire me.  Their talents and styles are so varied, there are endless opportunities to spin off in our own directions.
That takes me to my next point of the day…..how do we reward the great ladies for all they do….how do we take it to the next level.  How do we show our gratitude?  Well again I returned to the dictionary to get a clear understanding of this word and here is the dictionary definition:
grate-ful grate·ful Pronunciation: \ˈgrāt-fəl\
Function: adjective
obsolete grate pleasing, thankful, from Latin gratus — more at grace

1 a: appreciative of benefits received b: expressing gratitude <grateful thanks>onyms: stirring

Yes, appreciative of the benefits received!  That is what we at Flourishes want to do in your behalf for the designers that inspire you to use our images and the wonderful array of papers, ribbons, and other supplies, stampers toys, necessities, and embellishments from Flourishes.

We therefore created a benefit code for each designer….so that you can tell us which designer moved you to purchase.  By telling us this we will gladly take on the wonderful responsibility to reward the designers and show them that we appreciate their inspiration.

So the next time you make a purchase( remember next month release begins on the 8th-Wed) you will have a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation.  It costs you nothing…Flourishes is “picking up the bill” and doing so gratefully.  This is an ongoing Flourishes program so remember to put in the codes each time you purchase!

Here is a list of the codes…please copy them and keep them handy:


juliek (for Julie Koerber)
lesliem (for Leslie Miller)

susanr (for Susan Roberts)
faithh (for Faith Hofrichter)
lindad (for Linda Duke)


We will give them a bonus to help support their blogs and tutorials.


Thanks to Linda for today’s inspiration….I am truly grateful she shared  Thanks to you too for taking your precious time to stop in the Atelier today.  Come back soon.


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