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Let Me Introduce You to Sophie

There is a new special somebody at Flourishes. Her name is Sophie. She is going to be an exciting and inspiring part of our team. She is younger that most of us…and has her own thoughts on things. She has a couple of friends that hang with her as well. I am sure that she will introduce them to you at some point. They are charming young ladies! So here’s Sophie. Now Sophie, will you tell everyone a little about your self?

Hello Flourishes Customers,

I knew that the three flourishes would get around to introducing me. I am so excited to be working with them and you –ok virtually working with you. The three Flourishes initally hired me to help out.

I‘ve been working on my master’s at the University of West Florida here in Pensacola. My prof said that for our directed study, we must have a job in a field that relates to our educational focus. Well, heck, my focus is to catch a Navy flight student, become an owner of a company like Flourishes and have fun doing it all! So I applied here at Flourishes, and these 3 darling ladies hired me. Hopefully, they will let me design for them too– what do you think? I’d love to design a set that you can turn around and do FAB things with!

They’ve had me working on the inventory in the shipping room…. this could be fun and interesting! Now I hope that they have me doing something more than counting inventory! I am dying to be let loose in the shipping room. I want to touch and feel it all!

My friends tell me I have such a good sense of color and design. I convinced the 3 flourishes that I would like to share that with you, so we have worked out a deal that for you! Twice a month they will let me offer a Sophie Special.

How Cool Is That!?!?! My own special just for you!

Here is what I am going to do for you – I will go through the inventory and match up the best combo of inks, paper, ribbons and accessories for you…and you get to have it as a package deal. Each special will run for two weeks only – so if you want them you’d better shop early!

So here’s today’s Sophie special that’s good thru Feb 14th:

1 Basic Grey Pad of 6 x 6 Euphoria paper

1 pkg Euphora coordinating Designer Brads–the coolest!

1 pkg of each of these great ribbons- 5 yds of each: Lavendar Sheer, Apple Green Scallop, Burgandy 1″ satin

1 Palette Hybrid Lavender Ink with refill

Sophie’s Special Price……………$27.40 that’s a 15% savings!!!

I’d better go for now. I don’t want to get caught goofing off on my first week – that would be bad! I’ll be in touch! As soon as I get an email set up here I will give it to you and we can chat. I can give you the inside scoop on what’s happening here! I am just so tanked about having this job!


Smooches for each cheek, and I’ll be back on the 15th with a new special package.Sophie

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