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God-bless-america wallpaper

Having lived for so many years on foreign soil made me relaize just how much I truly love and treasure it and what we stand for here.  I thank all those that have fought to give us the Declaration of Independence and to keep this country free.

I meant to post this last night and then today just was really busy as we have a young military family that we have know for years with us.  The house is very busy with small ones.  Neal is the father of these pretty little girls and we first met him(single back then) at church, and eventually his girl friend Natalie.  Their marriage felt like our own children were getting married.  We have been there for each of the births of their little girls, Madeline and Claire.  Neil is now in flight school training with the Air Force and we miss them.  Here is a start of a mini book that I made for them to remember today with us. This is going to be the cover.

July4th 2009- Patroitism on Parade-aNot your usual red white and blue, but very fun and spunky.  Below are a few of the pictures to go inside for memories of our day together.

July 4th 2009-Mike & Neal Simpson-a


 Mike & Neal

 July4th 2009 Mike, Neal, Natalie & Claire




                                 Mike,Neal, Natalie & Claire


July4th 2009 Claire Simpson-What she planning

This is  Claire up close.  What do you suppose she is thinking?



 July4th 2009 Hammock full of Love-Clare, Maeline Simpson & Grandpa Dinsmore



Now this is a hammock full of love





Hope you enjoyed a taste of our 4th of July celebration for 2009.

Thanks for visiting the Atelier.


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