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No Kidding Around

Well, all of us at Flourishes have been anxiously awaiting the man in brown … bringing us boxes full of our next stamp release. If you could see our faces right now, you’d know we are sitting on pins and needles. So much so, we had some time to come up with a little poem to explain why we don’t have our usual sneak peeks today……

The shelves at Flourishes are bare,
waiting for new stamps to be there.
Production hit a snag,
Forcing a delivery lag,
And now release week is up in the air!!!

Poem was written by Julie Koerber.


That’s right. No stamps! I ams so big on customer service and getting stamps out within 48 hours that I didn’t want to risk empty boxes just sitting and waiting for stamps to arrive. So, I decided we should wait a week for our big sneak peeks and start the party NEXT WEDNESDAY — September 15th! So, look for fabulous sneak peeks featuring four brand new sets to start then with our design team.

You might ask — “What about your Look Who’s Three Challenge and birthday festivities! THE PARTY WILL GO ON! We just will wait until September 18th to reveal the three lucky customers that will each walk away with 10 brand new stamp sets courtesy of Flourishes. To check out the challenge and ways you can win, just click HERE.

I am sure some of you are groaning out there. So, I’ll do something we NEVER do.
sneek peek

That’s right! That’s a peek of what you can expect NEXT WEEK! Trust us, you won’t want to miss out!

Be sure to join us Friday for a fun tutorial on some of our favorite stamping tools of the trade. Our designers will be sharing tips and tricks using some of the favorite tools they have in their stamp rooms! See you then!

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