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Halloween Treat


Hello Stampers,

Yes it’s time for Candy Corn and Halloween.  To celebrate we  decided no tricks only treats.

 All October releases are on sale for a whooping 15% off.    That means they are on sale, 4×6 set for $15.29.  There is more, purchase $55.00 or more and US address get FREE SHIPPING.

Order only one stamp, we’ll ship in a plain brown envelope for $3.00 -There are restrictions, no insurance, no trackingnumber, and no guarantee from Flourishes if you have problems with you shipment.  We will ll do what we can, but it’s not a guarantee.

October sets are –

Year in Flowers 1, 2,  and 3


Diamond Background

Go Tell it on the Mountain,   both large and small


Must Be Santa

This Treat comes to an end on Monday,  Oct 31 at midnight EST

International mail rates apply for all non US addresses-Sorry 🙁



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Flourishes Release Week


Hello Friends,

My cast has been off for two weeks and I am bouncing back.  I think I may eve try some coloring.  I want to focus of the set and cards that the Senior Design Team has done in case you are not receiving our blogs are current customers.  We’d love to have you back!

On Monday we release all 3 set for Year in flowers so here are the stamps  sets, then I show you the cards.



These sets were all drawn by our Artist in Residence, She has captured the raw natural of each flower in the sets.  The are all in our store, ,flourisheslc.com.  and cost is 17.99 each.










Year in Flowers has the following images: Amaryllis, Camelia , Crocus and Tulip.








Year in Flowers 2 has Lily of Valley, California Poppy, Petunia and Sunflower.










Year in Flowers 3 has Asters, Begonia Mum and Poinsettia.

Each set has the name of the flower and the month.  Quite a deal for the flowers lovers.








Now let’s take a look at some of the cards made with these sets:



year-in-flowers-2-rebecca-ednie                                                                                            year-in-flowers-3-trica-10-16










Year in Flowers by Linda Lucas




Year in Flowers 2 by Rebecca Endie











Year in Flowers 2 by Tricia Traxler









Year in Flowers 3 by Linda Lucas


I will be back tomorrow with another set or two.

Until Later,, Ciao


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Faux Mercury Glass Part II


Hello Friends,

Today I’m back to show off the finished projects.  We decided to do both the inside and outside of the containers , using the method described in the previous blog post.  Here are 2 shot of the urns



I am very please with how they turned out.  I can see myself tring them on other things in a bronze metallic spray paint.  How about you? Have I tempted  you to try your hand at this?

Remember new Release week starts on Monday and boy oh boy are you in for a treat.  Go to flourisheslc.com?  Previous customer, please sign in as a new customer.

Until later, Ciao


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Faux Mercury Glass


Hello Friends,

I hope you followed me from the the Flourishes blog.  Any way you got here I am glad you are here.  Tuesday my sister, Louise, visiting and helping to care for Mom and I tackled a project of faux mercury glass.  She had done it before but had done wine bottles in various color and used a slightly different process.  Mom watched the entire process and was really engaged with us.

First we set a long narrow table and covered it with old newspapers.  Next we gathered ur supplies”

Two large urns- one I purchased last year for 50% off and one I purchased a few weeks ago at 50%off.

Windex and paper towels, cleaning thoroughly both the inside and outside of the urns and lids.

White vinegar to which I attached a spray mister top,

Krylon Looking Glass Paint and more paper towels for blotting

Gloves to keep our hands from being covered with silver paint;

Then we started by lightly misting the insides of the urns and twirling it around as we went.  Here is a picture as she is painting on of the urns.


We did the insidedes and turned them upside down , twirling them and let them drain.  We did the same process inside the tops.  Then added another light misting of vinegar and paint stray, twirling and draining them again.


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