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Faux Mercury Glass


Hello Friends,

I hope you followed me from the the Flourishes blog.  Any way you got here I am glad you are here.  Tuesday my sister, Louise, visiting and helping to care for Mom and I tackled a project of faux mercury glass.  She had done it before but had done wine bottles in various color and used a slightly different process.  Mom watched the entire process and was really engaged with us.

First we set a long narrow table and covered it with old newspapers.  Next we gathered ur supplies”

Two large urns- one I purchased last year for 50% off and one I purchased a few weeks ago at 50%off.

Windex and paper towels, cleaning thoroughly both the inside and outside of the urns and lids.

White vinegar to which I attached a spray mister top,

Krylon Looking Glass Paint and more paper towels for blotting

Gloves to keep our hands from being covered with silver paint;

Then we started by lightly misting the insides of the urns and twirling it around as we went.  Here is a picture as she is painting on of the urns.


We did the insidedes and turned them upside down , twirling them and let them drain.  We did the same process inside the tops.  Then added another light misting of vinegar and paint stray, twirling and draining them again.


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