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Flourishes Release Week


Hello Friends,

My cast has been off for two weeks and I am bouncing back.  I think I may eve try some coloring.  I want to focus of the set and cards that the Senior Design Team has done in case you are not receiving our blogs are current customers.  We’d love to have you back!

On Monday we release all 3 set for Year in flowers so here are the stamps  sets, then I show you the cards.



These sets were all drawn by our Artist in Residence, She has captured the raw natural of each flower in the sets.  The are all in our store, ,flourisheslc.com.  and cost is 17.99 each.










Year in Flowers has the following images: Amaryllis, Camelia , Crocus and Tulip.








Year in Flowers 2 has Lily of Valley, California Poppy, Petunia and Sunflower.










Year in Flowers 3 has Asters, Begonia Mum and Poinsettia.

Each set has the name of the flower and the month.  Quite a deal for the flowers lovers.








Now let’s take a look at some of the cards made with these sets:



year-in-flowers-2-rebecca-ednie                                                                                            year-in-flowers-3-trica-10-16










Year in Flowers by Linda Lucas




Year in Flowers 2 by Rebecca Endie











Year in Flowers 2 by Tricia Traxler









Year in Flowers 3 by Linda Lucas


I will be back tomorrow with another set or two.

Until Later,, Ciao


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